Stanwood - Camano Amateur Radio Club

Shift 80 mtr 40 mtr 20 mtr 2 mtr GOTA
1100   KE7PZW/N7KRN     N7KRE
1300         N7KRE
1500   W4OWO/KB3XD     N7KRE
1700         N7KRE
1900         n/a
2100         n/a
2300     K7IOC   n/a
0100     K7IOC   n/a
0300         n/a
0500     AC7SG   n/a
0700     AC7SG   N7KRE
0900         N7KRE
1100         N7KRE

1. HF CW operation is strongly encouraged! We get double the points for CW contacts.
2. Each shift is only two hours, beginning at the time indicated. Operators are encouraged to sign up for more than one shift. These are in LOCAL time.
3. GOTA operation will be supervised by Vic, N7KRE.
4. Set-up begins Saturday morning at 8 AM.
5. Two operators at each HF station (one talking, one logging) is highly desirable.
6. Colors denote priority for filling operating positions to correspond with expected propagation. Green indicates operator has been identified.
Red is 1st, Yellow 2nd, Blue 3rd.

20 Mtr    
40 MtrFT-857YesInternalYes
80 Mtr    
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